Blount County



Outreach and Extension programs – Programs and projects conducted in this county by Auburn faculty and staff of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System

  • Pre-K - 12 Education Programs
  • Professional Development Training and Certification
  • Programs for Children and Families
  • Technical Assistance for Communities and Governments
  • Environmental Protection and Education
  • Cultural and Historical Awareness and Education
  • Community Service
  • Economic Development
  • Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  • Healthcare Programs
  • Agricultural Technical Assistance and Training

Non-credit instructional delivery – Formal non-credit instructional activities (short courses, workshops and conferences) delivered by Auburn’s schools, colleges, extension, and outreach units in this county.

  • 2 activities; 29 enrollments; 5.1 contact hours
  • 6.45 CEUs awarded; 6.45 units of efforts produced
  • disciplines – engineering
  • locations – Blountsville

Technical networks, regional alliances and extension/outreach providers – Organized institutional partnerships and units through which Auburn provides specialized services on a regular basis in this county.

Research Facilities and Extension offices – Locations of extension offices, research centers and other facilities maintained in this county by Auburn.

Auburn Family Presence –Auburn student enrollment (Fall 2010 – Summer 2014) and resident alumni living across Alabama.

  • Enrolled students - 617 (undergraduate, graduate, distance)
  • Resident alumni - 433

Last Updated: April 11, 2016